How a Sump Pump Works & Why It Is Important

A flooded home or basement is a devastating experience for any home or business owner to undergo. Luckily, a sump pump installation offers protection against floods and water damage, mold growth, and structural damages that may occur after the flood. This will save the homeowner a lot of money in the long run while protecting against a home flood.

Having a sump pump on your property is important because heavy rain or a water main break can result in a flooded basement or first floor flood if there is not a working sump pump available to disperse the water.
How a sump pump works: Water from the outside perimeter of the home is drained away by pipes that empty into the sump pumps pit. When the water level within the pit reaches the level of the float, the pumps switch is activated and the pump disperses the water through a pipe where it is then sent into the storm drain. A sump pump can also remove the water from a burst pipe in the home. However, a clog in the drainage pipe, a malfunctioning float, or a broken switch can lead to a water accumulation in the basement or ground flood of your home. Annual maintenance should be done on sump pumps to assure that it does its job in the event of an emergency and that everything is working how it should be. Also, it is a good idea to install a second backup pump that is battery operated.

Consequences of Little to No Sump Pump Care

Many homeowners don’t understand that a flooded home costs thousands of dollars to fix, many many weeks to restore, and it may cause the inhabitants of your home to experience health problems due to mold growth. Mold can begin growing easily as it only needs a source of moisture and a porous surface to begin its growth. Also, homeowners could have to pay the initial costs for the restoration process if they do not have flood insurance or flooded basement insurance. They will also have to pay for lost items, the replacement of damaged mechanical systems, and sometimes they may have to pay higher homeowners insurance rates if a claim is filed.

A sump pump is a simple piece of equipment that can prevent all of these issues and more, so as long as the pump is properly maintained, then you won’t have to worry about these issues occurring. If you have a home or basement that is prone to flooding or that experiences storms often, it is in your best interest to install one on your property today!